It will take place at the University of Évora, in the coming days 1 and 2 of February 2016, the 3rd Symposium sponsored by IPES - Portuguese Solar Energy Institute in collaboration with the University of Évora, LNEG and STAGE-STE project ( entitled: Solar Concentration and the Future.

This Symposium will primarily focus on the Solar Concentration and future, with presentations focused on thermal storage, materials, control, industrial applications and solar concentrators. There will be a visit to the large solar concentrators testing platform and concentrators field test using molten salts, as energy extraction fluid and storage, under development by Renewable Energies Chair.

The Symposium will feature renowned national and international speakers, according to the attached program, being a high interest event in the area of Solar Energy. We look forward to the presence of the Portuguese Government members of the Energy area for the closing session.

For more information please access the event website ( which will be further updated with relevant information. Also, the program can accessed on the foloowing file: